Coffee Confessions – Volume 20 featuring Eva Stevens

October 28, 2016 at 11:28 am

For NAIOP Minnesota’s Coffee Confessions we track down industry movers and shakers, sometimes bribe them with coffee and get their take on the topics of the day. In this installment, we feature Eva Stevens, President & Chief Operating Officer of United Properties.  

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What advice have you been that has proven most valuable in your career?
Two pieces of advice I received from my Dad which have served me well over the course of a 30 year career: 1. Don’t paint concrete – He meant this literally however I decided it meant to discern early what just doesn’t make sense in any particular situation to help inform what next step I should take. 2. If it can go wrong it will so remain curious and plan accordingly – I interpreted this to mean to ask a lot of questions and do appropriate due diligence to ground my thinking before I map out the action plan and timeline for whatever project I am working on. Boy was he right!

A mentor of mine encouraged me to never be afraid to surround myself with really smart people and to mine for diverse opinions before pulling the trigger on major decisions. He was brilliant as is his advice.

What habits have you formed that keep you energized and on top of your game?
1. I reserve 20 minutes to sit quietly and clear my mind every morning. This has taught my mind that it doesn’t need to act immediately on everything that flies at me on a daily basis. It is ok to sort and think.
2. I learned early in my career to ask a lot of questions and not act without understanding which keeps me centered and confident.
3. I have learned not to be afraid to say I don’t know. This helps me remain curious and I find that new learning energizes me.
4. I volunteer – and work to make a difference in the cancer care community.
5. I have found that mentoring the next generation of leaders in our industry is a gift to me and I will forever remain grateful for the opportunity.

What is your favorite regional asset in the MSP region that makes this region unique and a great place to do business.…could be people, activities, infrastructure, quality of life activity, network, etc.
Hands down it is the people! I just don’t recall every reaching out to ask for help or guidance and been turned down. Really makes me proud to live and work here.

The Confession: What choice of refreshment will you have at your next networking meeting? And where do you like to meet?
Those that know me well can answer this for me when the wait person asks – Iced tea, lots of ice, mostly ice, and a lemon. Where? Anywhere with good iced tea!

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