Cocktail Confessions – Volume 14 featuring Emily Nicoll

December 4, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Emily Nicoll

Emily Nicoll
Senior Associate, LEED AP

By Jerry Anderson, Escom Properties, Inc.

Welcome to Cocktail Confessions, where we track down industry movers and shakers, sometimes bribe them with cocktails and get their take on the topics of the day.

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What advice have you been given that has proven most valuable in your career?
Do something that scares you at least once a day. I think that’s an Eleanor Roosevelt quote, but it’s really all about challenging yourself to improve. I don’t ever want to get to a point in my career where I think I’ve got it all figured out. I really thrive on the constantly evolving nature of our business and how my clients and the industry keep me on my toes.

I’ve also been fortunate to work on a team at CBRE that values fairness and this was modeled for me from day one – take the long view, the high road, whatever you want to call it. In highly stressful negotiations, it boils down to being fair. The attorney buzzword is “reasonable” but after too many lease reviews I try to keep that out of my vocabulary.

What habits have you formed that keep you energized and on top of your game?
CAFFEINE. I could lie to you and say I get up and do yoga sun salutations every morning, but anyone who knows me would tell you it’s all in the coffee. I am fortunate to work in a building with a Dunn Bros and I keep their employees well fed. I order my coffee “not so hot” so I can guzzle it right away – they write “Kid Temp” on my cup!

Beyond that crutch, I am energized by my time spent at home with my family. With young kids, they could care less what I did at work all day – they just want me to be a tree monster or mommy horsey. It’s a vital, humbling counter-balance to the work day.

What winter pastime are you excited to participate in this season?
My daughter Harper (3.5) is fired up to learn how to ice skate this year, so I’m really excited to watch my husband take her out on the outdoor rink in our neighborhood park. I am also looking forward to winter forts and snowman building and all that other fun stuff you get to do with little ones. I didn’t grow up in Minnesota so the winter activity levels came as a surprise to me when I first moved here, but now it’s one of the things I love the most about our state. I’ve learned how to downhill and cross-country ski, and this year I’d like to try snow shoes.

The Confession:  What choice of refreshment will you have at your next Happy Hour?
I really love a good single malt scotch. My new favorite is the Auchentoshan Three Wood single malt. They distill the whiskey in three different wood casks, and the last two of those previously held sherry so it makes the scotch a bit sweeter than most. Delicious.


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