Random Rants: NYC Soda Ban

June 29, 2012 at 1:24 pm

soft drinkNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced a proposed initiative to limit the size of sugared drinks available at retail locations in the city to 16 ounces or less.
The motivation behind the idea is to curb the burgeoning weight of the boroughs’ inhabitants, 50% of whom are either “overweight or obese.” You can still buy larger sized sugared drinks in supermarkets in the city, but if you want a 20 ounce drink at the movie theater, restaurant or ball game, it’s not gonna happen.
Drinking too much sugared soda does not contribute to one’s good health. But don’t most people who drink large sodas from the fountain fill their cup with ice beforehand? Doesn’t the soda have to fill the remaining gaps between all of the ice cubes? If you bought a 24 ounce fountain soda, wouldn’t you really be buying 12 ounces of ice cubes and 12 ounces of actual soda?
Could a restaurant serve you an 8 ounce soda, and still refill it continually while you are dining? If someone were intent on buying a large can of sugared soda and it weren’t available, wouldn’t they just buy two smaller cans?
Michael Bloomberg is intent on creating a policy which is at best a farce and at worst a sad feat of social engineering that will do nothing but kill trees to publish the legislation. Mayor Bloomberg should quit wasting time trying to enforce what size Mr. Pibb can you can purchase down in the East Village,  and quit drinking his own fewer-than-16 ounce Kool-Aid. 

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