Cocktail Confessions – Volume 4

March 29, 2012 at 11:14 am

kiwi cocktailBy Tony Carlson, Grandbridge Real Estate Capital, LLC

Welcome to the fourth installment of Cocktail ConfessionsCocktail Confessions is a publication which tracks down three industry veterans, feeds them some cocktails, and gleans answers to specific questions.  Their answers are published exclusively on the Pulse and are meant to provide interesting commentary and insights for the NAIOP constituency.  

If you have questions you’d like asked for future segments, please leave them in the comments section, below.

Pat Mascia, Brenda Studt, Andy MantheiIn this installment we are pleased to have Pat Mascia, current NAIOP Minnesota President and Senior Vice President at Duke Realty; Brenda Studt, Marketing Director of The Excelsior Group, LLC; and Andy Manthei, Director of Brokerage Services for KW Commercial Midwest. They were each asked the same three questions, and their responses are outlined below.

Question 1:  What inspires you on a daily basis?  What gives you the “fire” to tackle all the daily obstacles you face?

Pat Mascia:
High school and college tuition.  Seriously, I enjoy the work that I do and people with whom I work.  Every day presents a different challenge so I’m never bored.  In addition to the thrill of competing, it’s the challenge of overcoming the obstacles that make the job fun and rewarding.

Brenda Studt:
I am a fan of the Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment .  My strengths are  Achiever, Activator, Responsibility, Woo, and Positivity.  I have been told it’s unusual to have this combination of strengths.  My family has always told me that I am weird–well, they sugarcoat it and say “different!”  I take great satisfaction from being busy and productive, and am a stickler for completing work on schedule.  I tend to take psychological ownership of what I say I will do; I am committed to stable values such as honesty and loyalty. I find that I am energized, not paralyzed, by opportunities and possibilities.  I am also a runner.  Training for races has helped me to overcome mind-obstacles, and a daily run does wonders for my energy level and helps to clear my head after a long day at the office.

Andy Manthei:
My family gives me the most inspiration to go to work each day.  But I am also motivated by the new challenges I’m faced with each day as my real estate projects evolve and take shape.  Oh, and I drink a lot of coffee, I like it black, no sugar or cream for me.
Question 2:  Is there anything you’ve done (or not done) in your career that distinguishes you from your peers?  Characteristical traits, work habits, public speaking, volunteerism, etc?

Pat Mascia:
No.  We have an industry full of talented people and each day is a challenge to keep pace.  I always wanted to work in a place where I was the dumbest guy and I think I have achieved that goal.  I enjoy public speaking, but there are many good speakers in our industry so that doesn’t set me apart.  As the old saying goes, it’s better to be lucky than good.  I have been lucky throughout my career to be given some great opportunities and to be surrounded by good, smart people from whom I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn.  If there is anything, it’s that I wasn’t afraid to make big career changes from lawyer guy to dispositions/finance guy to developer guy.  I didn’t have much experience for any of my three careers but it was fun to get in and figure it out.

Brenda Studt:
Hmm, this is a tough question for me.  I would say my dedication to following-through on projects, networking skills, and always being open to new opportunities are traits that distinguish me.  I have learned over the years that fretting over my fears/challenges doesn’t get me anywhere, and frequently choose the “Band-Aid” approach; it hurts less if you just rip if off/confront the fear or challenge head-on. 

Andy Manthei:
I’d like to think that I am a creative thinker that finds ways to make a deal happen.  Out of the box is probably more of a standard for me than more traditional transactions.  I am an ethical person who believes strongly that you honor what you say you are going to do.  We have a lot of great people in this industry who are very involved.   I too am a busy person.  I am very involved in many wonderful organizations like NAIOP, Dakota County Regional, River Heights and Apple Valley Chambers of Commerce, my church and charities.  Now that my daughter and son are becoming school age I have even more to look forward to. 

Question 3:  Do you travel much?  Where’s your favorite destination or where would you like to go?

Pat Mascia:
I travel a fair amount, mostly to Chicago and Indianapolis.  I used to travel more and I particularly enjoyed business trips to New York and Boston.  I majored in history and philosophy in college and I tried to walk the Heritage Trail in Boston each time I was there.  The two places I want to see that I haven’t yet seen are Alaska and Normandy Beach.

Brenda Studt:
Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies; however with a 16-month old daughter my husband and I are learning what it means to travel “family-style.”  We frequent our family condo in Miami Beach (with and without our daughter), and have recently traveled to San Francisco and Las Vegas.  I have always longed to visit Fiji (or Bora Bora – I want to stay in a bungalow over the ocean) and the Greek Isles.  If I had to choose one favorite of the places that I have visited I would choose Reykjavik, Iceland (in 2005).

Andy Manthei:
My family loves to travel.  We make a family trip to Florida each year but we also like to mix in Mexico and take a few summer road trips each year.  Our absolute favorite destination is Hawaii.

Question 4: Since the name of this series is Cocktail Confessions, next time we see you at Happy Hour we should all know – what is your favorite cocktail?  Shall we buy you a single or double?

Pat Mascia:
Patron Silver tequila, chilled and neat with no training wheels.  A double.

Brenda Studt:
Grey Goose Martini on the rocks, extra dirty, with two olives; however, at business functions I typically stick to an IPA beer or a nice Pinot Noir.

Andy Manthei:
If it’s on the shelf I enjoy aged bourbon or Irish whiskey and a single is perfect.

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