Random Rants: Are you a foodie?

March 31, 2011 at 1:56 pm 1 comment

foodie plateAre you a foodie? Let’s hope not.

Turn on the TV, flip through a magazine or go online and you will blaze past channel and page of chefs chopping away. There are angry chefs, scientific ones, wanna-be angry chefs, people cooking outside, people cooking in a ship’s galley, people obsessing over trace ingredients and arcane methods by which to assemble a meal.

Show after show, and with piles of pages there is a furious competition going on for our attention.  It all involves food. Food, food, food – foodie food.

People are practicing raw food diets, fasting from carbohydrates, infusing everything with saffron oil, or trying to reinvent the hamburger – yet again.

Food has become the new fetish and if you aren’t obsessing about each newly feted ingredient or chef – you may as well be living in a cave. Of course, that is probably where the next fad fungus of the future is lurking … before it makes its way to the menu.

Even if you try, you can’t avoid viewing well-fed celebrities wrapping their tongues around spoonfuls of ingredients that make them moan suggestively. It wasn’t long ago that deeds that resulted in that kind of moaning required less recipe book and more Kama Sutra.

I’m fed up with all of this obsessive feeding.

Single-celled organisms somehow find a way to eat – and they don’t even have mouths. They can’t even pat themselves and each other on the back after deciding which delicious item they absorb through their cell walls. But to their credit, they somehow find a way to get their eating handled without creating a media empire and line of cookware to commemorate it.

We should celebrate our niche as the top predator, masters of the farming arts and preparers of things we find delicious. It can be fun to walk down a grocery isle and see ingredients that were specialty items only a few years ago.  Let’s embrace new ethnic varieties of fare that bring us surprising flavors prepared in ways that may be novel to our thinking.

But what if we devoted 10% of the energy we spend obsessing about food and put it toward something else? I’m not even suggesting a noble cause. It could be something hedonistic for all I care. As long as it takes a few of those angry chef shows off the air, I’m saying yes.

hot dogSneering into a vat of plain old mustard-yellow potato salad doesn’t make you a better person. Pretending that ketchup now needs to be green or smoke infused to be eaten at all isn’t really going to make us any happier.

All of this food obsession might be causing us to resemble another bit of maligned pedestrian fare; a bunch of weenies.

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  • 1. Travis  |  March 31, 2011 at 6:23 pm

    Agreed and well said.

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